About Us

New York Writers Resources is the parent corporation of New York Writers Workshop, a collective of writers and teachers working in New York City and elsewhere, Ducts, a literary webzine, and Greenpoint Press, an independent publishing house devoted to quality non-fiction.

New York Writers Workshop is the teaching division of New York Writers Resources. We provide instruction in all forms of written expression, from the song to the sonnet, from the novel to the newspaper article. Working, published, professional writers conduct our workshops, consultations, conferences, and mentoring arrangements. We strive to help writers at all stages of their development to reach their full potential.

Ducts.org is a New York-based webzine devoted to publishing engaging personal essays, memoirs, art, fiction, poetry, humor and more. The webzine features emerging and under-recognized writers and artists alongside more established contributors. The unique on-line format encourages a fresh approach to selecting work, allowing for a wider range of personal voices and a more daring array of projects. Ducts has been on the Web since 1999 and its readership continues to grow. Ducts also sponsors a monthly reading series called Trumpet Fiction, which is held the second Saturday of every month at KGB Bar in the East Village of New York City. At each evening of Trumpet Fiction Ducts.org presents three outstanding writers. Featured writers have included Jonathan Ames, Alice Elliot Dark and others. Subscribe here to Ducts.org and Trumpet Fiction!

Greenpoint Press was established in 2004 as the publishing arm of the webzine, Ducts.org. Now, as a result of the 2007 merger between Ducts and the New York Writers Workshop, we are part of New York Writers Resources. Our aim is to publish high-quality non-fiction that might otherwise be neglected by commercial publishers, with an emphasis on "personal stories" with a strong narrative and distinctive voice.